Many people worked together to make certain the renaissance of Edith Adams was a success, but the hardcore crew who kept the wheels turning through many long nights:


Foz is the man who took the idea and made it real, bashing out WordPress code changes, wrestling plugins to the ground and occasionally putting the slipper in on an out-of-left-field design change. Adam is the code-crunching core of PNG’s digital team, having previously worked on,, and numerous other projects that have yet to launch, not to mention lending his knowledge to just about every department in the building, at some time or other.



Salty is the butterfly of the bunch, wandering through various levels of the Sun and Province organizations and sprinkling them with fairy dust at every stop. Carolyn dug countless images and documents out of the library vaults and kept a steady supply of off-kilter, decades-old craziness rolling in to what started out as a small project and ended up a monster. Carolyn likes to ride horses in her spare time, and collect New Orleans souvenirs. We don’t ask how she acquires them.



Kate doesn’t say much, mostly because for words to wrestle their way out of her steely resolve, they have to formulate a breakout plan that would have made Houdini applaud. Kate discovered the boxes of thousands of typewritten recipe index cards when the old test kitchen was cleaned out, which was the catalyst to make this site possible. She knows where the bodies are buried. And she’s a dab hand with the guillotine.



The Edith Adams project was a pipe dream until Harold saw some early mocks and said “this is incredible, we have to do this, we’re going to do this.” So we did this. Harold realized what Edith meant to so many, and the depth of content that has for so long been buried in storage. If you’ve loved this site, Harold is why. If you look forward to what it will become, Harold will lead you there.



Yes, she wasn’t real, but in a way she was more real than many who came before and have arrived since. Edith was just straight up knowledge. Personality wasn’t a part of things, she wasn’t a ‘celebrity’ per se, it was all about sharing information – just like this site.

To all the women who worked hard to get ahead, and for all those consigned to ‘keeping house’ because society dictated that was their lot in life, and especially for those who covered all the bases – raising a family while maintaining a house AND a career, this site is dedicated to you.

You’ve come a long way. Let’s keep rolling.