Edith’s First Appearance

The very first ‘Edith Adams Cookery Page’ appeared on page 17 of The Vancouver Evening Sun, April 4, 1924. One week later, on April 11, the newspaper christened the ‘Edith Adam’s Cookery Page’. The new page included a contest offering a five dollar prize for the best letter outlining how to feed a family of four on one dollar a day. A mean feat even in 1924. Other articles included How to make delicious cakes and cookies for tea, recipes for fish, cabbage, celery and grape and nut salads and a tip about using double thread.

Ads included Knight Motors Limited, 418 West Georgia Street West offering a used 1923 touring car for $125. The Bootery, located at 681 Granville Street, announced their fire sale with “$30,000 high grade stock of women’s footwear”.

Marpole CoalMarpole Coal Company Limited, located at 1001 Main Street, touted “The quality of Marpole Coal is always assured. We always deliver clean coal. This means more heat for less fuel. Try a ton.

Eczema CureThe page also offered hope for eczema suffers with the use of Burdock’s Blood Bitters. The ad states “There is no other remedy like Burdock’s Blood Bitters that can possibly give such relief to all sufferers from eczema, salt rheum and all other diseases of the blood or the reason this old and well tried remedy goes right to the heart of the trouble and completely and permanently drives these diseases out of the system by cleaning the blood and making it pure and rich.

Clark and Stuart Co. Ltd., 580 Seymour Street, warned readers “In these days of ‘hold-ups’ you cannot afford to leave valuable papers or loose cash lying around. Failure to protect your valuables may mean a loss of thousands. Do not delay. BUY NOW. We have a large selection of Deed Boxes and Cash Boxes.

Click the image below for a large-size scan of the original page from our archives.