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80 Years Of Fun With Bleach

If the Edith Adams homemaker files from the 1920′s to 1990′s were a universe, we’ve so far only managed to explore from Burnaby to Burquitlam. But even with that tiny segment of this vast treasure trove revealed, we’re finding some amazing things. Today’s fun comes from an index card file, buried deep in the Edith [...]

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Ask Edith: Silk Stocking Maintenance from the 50′s

Dear Edith Adams: My dear aunt Felicity used to tell me when I was younger about an old Edith Adams trick she used to keep silk stockings in ship shape. The years have not been kind to the details of her advice, so I wondered if you know of any silk stockings maintenance tips from [...]

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How to Make a Home-Made Foot Scraper

August 3, 1950: Dear Edith Adams: I was wondering if you could use an idea for a foot scraper in your paper. I made a foot scraper out of the end of an apple box. The board should be a thick one about 1 inch through. I saved up my bottle caps and tacked them [...]

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1930′s Omelet: Do you like your eggs with orange juice or sugar?

A breakfast staple today, the humble omelette (or ‘omelet’, as was the tradition of the time) starts out as bearen eggs, cooked and flipped in a frying pan, but what goes into those eggs has many forms. The Denver Omelette, with diced onions, peppers and ham is a favourite seen on just about every diner [...]

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How to make a pressman’s hat

We have no idea what year this is from, but buried deep in a box of recipe index cards this morning we found a folded flyer from the Vancouver Sun pressmen, offering trivia facts about the printing process and a handy how-to guide on making your own pressman’s hat. For the uninitiated, those hearty Sun [...]

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Holiday Hair of the Dog

By Edith Adams, December 28, 1968 ‘Tis the season to indulge! The trouble is, it’s too easy to over-indulge. Almost all of us, for one reason or the other, greet the New Year’s morning with something less than joy. Most of us feel we have overeaten. And some of us know we’ve had both too [...]

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Hockey Returns: Tailgate Picnicking Tips from the 70′s

By Edith Adams, Sept 1, 1976 In the fall months, picnic time often means tailgate time. The idea is that you set the picnic fare out on the station wagon tailgate, then find a comfortable place to eat – outside if the weather’s nice, inside the car if it’s not. Tailgate menus can be hot [...]

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Edith Adams Home Plans: ‘Essentially a British Columbia Type’

From the 1920′s forward, part of the Edith Adams ‘empire’ was a string of guidebooks sold out of the Sun offices on topics like international cooking, canning, sewing, woodworking and more. One of the more successful of these was a $1 book of fifty home floor plans that the reader could pick through, then return [...]

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New Year’s Day arrivals, 1940: Clifford Olsen’s first mention in the press

When we chose the 1940 New Year’s baby article from the Vancouver Sun to look back at in fond memory, it was an entirely random editorial decision. But once we’d posted the story, an eagle-eyed reader noticed something that makes this New Years Baby piece more interesting than many others. “Boy to Mr. and Mrs. [...]

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Clam and Lobster Party in your backyard!

By Helen Gougeon August 7, 1954 At St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, N.B., there are parts of the beach where the sand and rocks are a bright brick shade and where the best clambakes in the country take place. The college students who work at the Algonquin Hotel for the summer cook lobsters and clams in their off [...]

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