A regular feature in the Edith Adams page for many years was the daily menu, a weekly feature in the Vancouver Sun where Dr. McCoy laid out a meal plan for those looking to maintain good health.

Some of the highlights aren’t exactly what we’d call health food today – or appetizing, for that matter – but if you want to eat like a Depression-era Vancouver homemaker, all you need to know is what you’ll find below:

Dr McCoy’s menus for the week beginning Sunday, Dec. 3, 1939:

Breakfast: Coddled eggs, ham, Melba toast, stewed prunes
Lunch: Baked potato, stwede celery, carrot salad
Dinner: Roast mutton, asparagus, beets, lettuce and celery

Breakfast: Wholewheat cereal, coddled eggs, Melba toast
Lunch: Fruit, using as much as desired of any one kind
Dinner: Left-over mutton, baked parsnips, string bean salad, pineapple whip

Breakfast: Crisp bacon, omelette, Melba toast, stewed raisins
Lunch: Lima beans, combination vegetable salad
Dinner: Boiled beef, cooked spinach, canned tomatoes, raw carrot salad, gelatin

Breakfast: Breakfast food (retoasted) with cream, coddled eggs, stewed figs
Lunch: Baked squash, lettuce, string beans
Dinner: Tomato soup, *spinach meat loaf, buttered carrots, salad of leafy green vegetables

Breakfast: Wholewheat cereal, coddled eggs, wholewheat muffins
Lunch: Spaghetti, cooked turnips, carrot salad
Dinner: Mutton chops, buttered beets, string beans, celery salad garnished with roasted nuts, applesauce

Breakfast: French omelette on Melba toast, stewed prunes
Lunch: Asparaagus soup, cooked greens, baked potato
Dinner: Tuna (canned), canned tomatoes, cooked cabbage, lettuce salad, gelatin

Breakfast: Eggs poached in milk and put on retoasted shredded wheat biscuit, stewed prunes
Lunch: Spinach and rice on casserole, celery and ripe olives
Dinner: Vegetable coup, roast beef, carrots, green peas, lettuce salad

Clean five or six bunches of spinach and cook in very small amount of water until slightly tender.
Remove from the fire and chop.
Mix with a cupful of Melba toast crumbs and half pound of ground round steak.
Bake in a loaf in a moderate oven for thirty minutes.

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