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How’s your Christmas shopping coming along? If you find you’re beginning to run out of ideas, here are a few suggestions from Edith Adams in 1956 which may add a little spark to your list – if your loved ones like to hark back to a simpler time:

For a lady who is usually pampered:

* A monogrammed or plain memo pad, address book, diary or telephone book cover

* Velvet eyeglass case

* A large chiffon handkerchief

* Pastel  sheets or pillow cases


For the one and only male:

* Cuff links

* A lighted shaving mirror that jacknifes out from the wall

* An enormous ashtray

* A shoeshine kit


For a woman friend:

* A canister filled with cookies or toffee

* Two large mitten potholders filled with bottles of nail polish and hand lotion and other manicure accessories

* An earring case

* A silver bookmark or paper knife

* A pocket atomizer or purse pillbox

* Boudoir pillows for her bed or sofa cushions for her sofa

* A wallet


For a casual beau or man friend:

* A good paperweight

* An old-fashioned shaving mug

* A set of beer mugs

* A good corkscrew

* A keychain

* A large waste basket

* A sleeveless pullover


For a teen-age girl:

* An atomizer and small bottle of essence

* Nylons

* Enough wool to knit a sweater, knitting needles and a knitting bag

* Frivolous bedroom slippers

* A compact

* A piece of silver flatware in an open-stock pattern, to be added to yearly to make a set

* A boudoir clock


For a teen-age boy:

* Gigantic klaxon horn for a bicycle

* A football, boxing gloves or baseball gloves

* A windbreaker

* An uncomplicated camera

* Argyle socks

* A billfold


For a little girl:

* A pink party dress

* Bubble bath

* A cosy quilted robe

* A crinoline petticoat

* A birthing ring


For a little boy:

* An autographed baseball

* Roller skates

* A live turtle

*  A harmonica

* A tool kit

* The makings of a kite

* A game of checkers or dominoes


For a baby:

* A night light for the nursery

*Fitted crib sheets

* A Raggedy Ann doll

* Real kindergarten blocks


For the whole family:

* A large, office-sized transparent tape dispenser with large roll of transparent tape

* An enormous jigsaw puzzle

* A handsome mailbox with the family name on it

* A picnic hamper

* Barbecue equipment

* A rotisserie


For a grandmother:

* Her grandchilden’s picture

* A silk umbrella

* A two-cup perculator


For a grandfather:

* A good magnifying glass

* A long-handled shoehorn

* Fleece-lined slippers

* An assortment of cheeses


For the teacher:

* A big box of sachets

* Ball-point pen

* A pretty flowering plant

* A basket full of fancy edibles


For an invalid:

* A bed pillow with arms and back for sitting up in bed

* An atomizer and cologne

* A bed jacket

* A heating pad

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