In around 1950 (or thereabouts – there’s no specific date we’ve been able to track down just yet), the Edith Adams Cottage crew put out a new book – one of the many dozens that Vancouver homemakers regularly lined up to buy for under a dollar. Some featured dress patterns, some toy plans, some architectural designs or ideas for parties.

This book would be called the Modern Guide to Canning, and it would detail everything and anything a woman would need to know about how to can and preserve meat, fruit, vegetables, and more. This was a skill that, especially during war time, when supplies were tight and waste was unforgivable, not to mention an era when home refrigeration was in its infancy, was essential kitchen knowledge.

Sadly, the Vancouver Sun archives don’t contain this book or any of the others that have been passed from generation to generation over the years.  If not for the fact that Sun city beat reporter Jeff Lee tracked this one down at a garage sale recently, we wouldn’t be able to bring it to you.

But bring it we shall. Enjoy the first eight pages of the Edith Adams Guide to Home Canning in the gallery below, and if you have an old Edith Adams book, let us know in the comments!

Front Cover

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