By Edith Adams
The Vancouver Sun
Wednesday, December 14, 1955

By now the traditional baking is stored away and mellowing for Christmas. If you find your dark cakes too damp and moist (and they were ‘done’ when removed from the oven) just remove them from their wrappings and let them dry at room temperature for a day or two. They’ll dry nicely and be ready for almond paste and icing.

Here’s an important tip. It concerns freezing stuffed turkeys in your own home. IT CAN’T BE DONE SAFELY with home methods of freezing, say the research people who know how to make foods safe for us. Freezing stuffed birds is strictly a job for scientifically controlled commercial operators. The homemaker does not have the right kind of equipment to check and make sure that the frozen stuffed birds are safe and sure. Freeze turkeys without stuffing them if you have your own sharp freezer.

Stuffing Can Spoil
There are other important dont’s about stuffing. Don’t stuff and refrigerate the bird overnight and then pop it in the oven. Stuff the bird just before putting it in to bake. Don’t leave stuffing in the baked turkey. Remove the stuffing, refrigerate it immediately and use it up within 48 hours.

These tips will help revent food infections. No one wants to feel sick over the holidays.

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