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Frankfurters take on new frills to provide a tasty and nourishing main course
A word in favour of hot dogs as a dinner dish for hot days: There are endless ways of preparing them and they are a good buy if you make sure you are buying frankfurters with a brand name.
You may not know that in each link which is wrapped in cellophane, there is beef, pork, some veal, and the packer usually adds his own seasoning – nutmeg, sugar or coriander. A few brands include wheat or soy flour, and the label will tell you what you are getting.
Something to remember is that the top-quality frankfurters have the same amount of protein as many of the more expensive cuts of beef and that their cooking possibilites are endless.
Here are a variety of recipes, and if you try one I am sure you’ll eventually try them all. They’ve been tested and tried on children as well as adults, and all approved.
Most of them take only a few minutes to prepare and not much longer to cook. When the recipe suggests slicing the frankfurters, try cutting them on an angle. They can also be grated on a coarse grater if they are firmed (but not frozen) in the freezing compartment of your refrigerator for a short time.
If you want to grind the meat, use a regular meat grinder.

BUY as many frankfurters as you’ll need – allowing two to three for each person.
SPLIT lengthwise from end to end, but do not break in two.
STUFF with one of the mixtures below.
PLACE on a strip of foil on cookie sheet or broiler and bake at 425 degrees F. for 15 minutes.
SERVE immediately in toasted buns with hot potato chips or french fried potatoes. A green salad is an excellent accompaniment with various kinds of pickles.

CHEESE – Any kind (cream, pimiento, chive, grated cheddar, parmesan)
RELISH – Mustard, sauerkraut, dill pickle slices, chili sauce, chopped olives
FRUIT – Apple sauce, crushed pineapple, chopped prunes, cranberry sauce or jelly
POTATO – Mashed, chips sprinkled with cheese
ONIONS – Minced or in rings
MUSHROOMS – Cooked and chopped
CORN – Canned, creamed corn
BACON – Cooked and cut into bits
BEANS – Baked, or cooked rice




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