Supper From a Can

IMG_0735By Helen Gougeon – July 24, 1954

One of the main criticisms directed against the modern cook is that she opens too many cans. I’ve never gone along with the critics because I really think they’ve never considered (perhaps they’ve never eaten) the many excellent dishes for which canned foods provide the ingredients.

I will agree that to open a can, pour the contents into a pan, heat it and serve, shows little imagination, but that cook probably gives the same kind of disinterested treatment to a good cut of beef. Because there’s more to preparing canned food than a quick flick of the wrist.

You wouldn’t go so far as the bachelor I know who cooks his bottled kippered herring in flaming rum for Sunday noon breakfast, and neither would I. But things can be added to canned foods that will put your guests off the track and may provide you with a bright conversation piece.

This biggest advantage of cans is that they prepare you for emergencies. Which one of us hasn’t had someone stay for supper when we wish they’d go home?

Cans of corned beef, pea beans, soups of all kinds, chicken or chicken a la king, any of the meats, fruits, seafood and a variety of condiments and herbs have saved my life on many occasions.

These recipes range from the practical to the glamourous and I hope you will like them.





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