By Helen Gougeon – Women’s Editor of WEEKEND
Saturday, December 24, 1955

Unexpected callers? Serve them sweet holiday breads!

Somehow, we want to live just a little prettier around Christmas. We set the table with more care, decorate the house with greens and coloured balls and, I expect, cook better than we do any other time of the year. Other times of the year, plain toast will do. But these mornings I prefer my bread dressed up with dried fruits, nuts and a touch of sweetness.

Some holiday bread recipes are designed for the holiday and for the woman who has more callers than ever in her house. They may be the gals in the neighbourhood who drop in for a cup of coffee or the kids next door who watch television with your brood.

Whatever the reason, holiday breads are handy to have in the house. They keep in the freezer indefinitely.

See Edith’s bread recipe index cards here.

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